This is the insane Fortnite booth at E3 2019

Last year, Epic Games had a pretty lavish booth showing off Fortnite. But this year, it has taken things to a new level, offering an almost carnival-like experience for those attending E3 2019. If you aren't in attendance, don't worry, we have you covered with our large image gallery giving you a virtual booth tour.

As you might expect, the Fortnite booth was attracting quite the crowd - and this was even before the venue was open to the general public. The large space is adorned with bright colors, neon lights, and dancers front and center.

As mentioned prior, when you start at the front of the booth, you are greeted by a large stage, with several dancers, popping off some of your favorite yet controversial dance moves.

Traveling further into the booth, past the life-sized Battle Bus, attendees can head into the playing area, where you can match up in PvP, Team Battle, and Arcade mode. Of course, since this is E3, playing could sometimes yield prizes, and that's definitely a good thing. Of course, if you weren't in peak form, you could always purchase some Fortnite goodies from the booth.

There were also plenty of themed snacks, popcorn vendors, and a Jump Royale competition for those who wanted to get physical. Needless to say, if you are a fan of Fortnite, this booth would be your mecca.

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