Top 50 search words, Halloween and Osama are tops!

According to Lycos, who compile a weekly "top 50" at The Lycos 50 Daily Report, Halloween and Osama Bin Laden rank as the top two pupular search items for the past week at Lycos.

The Lycos 50 Top 10 Search Terms for the Week Ending October 27, 2001:

   1) Halloween

   2) Osama bin Laden

   3) Dragonball

   4) Costumes

   5) Anthrax

   6) Pumpkins

   7) Pokemon

   8) NFL

   9) Morpheus

   10) Britney Spears

In the gaming arena, the notable inclusions :- Xbox (#29), Playstation 2 (#39), with the GameCube not even getting into the top 50!

Musically, only two other stars grace the top 50, Jennifer Lopez at (#35) and Dead R&B star Aaliyah climbing at (#48).

In other searches, World Trade Center ranks at (#14), Marijuana ranked (#15), with the other song swapping services AudioGalaxy (#30), Napster (#31) and KaZaA (#42) still in the hunt, although Morpheus easily leads with their entry in the top 10!

News source: CBS MarketWatch

View: The Lycos Top 50 Report

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