Toshiba Preps 2GB NAND Flash Memory Chips

In April 2007, Toshiba will begin selling NAND flash memory chips capable of holding up to 2GB of data. 2GB? Why is this a big deal? Patience my friend, I'm getting to that. The 2GB availability should mean that higher capacity flash memory cards, used in anything from digital cameras to music players, are on their way. The last chips were of 1GB in size and Toshiba made them available late last year as engineering examples.

These flash memory cards are limited to the physical number of chips that can fit in the card: the bigger the capacity per chip, the bigger the overall capacity of the flash card. According to Toshiba, thanks to a new 56-nanometer production process that doubles memory density (developed by partner SanDisk), these chips will be the highest capacity currently available. Samples of the 2GB will be priced at $31 per chip.

News source: InfoWorld

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