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Stardock has launched Phase 2 today. is a electronic distribution network for PC games. It includes games from Take 2, Ubi Soft, Strategy First, amongst many others as well as Stardock's own game titles. allows users to pick a game, purchase it and download it. Unlike other services, it does not use DRM (Digital Rights Management). Stardock says that their goal is to provide a gaming service that succeeds through convenience for legitimate game buyers.

The technology being used to power was first used on a wide-scale in 2003 when Stardock released Galactic Civilizations both at retail world-wide (via Strategy First) and electronically. It was the first major PC game to be released in both channels at the same time. Phase 2 expands the content available for gamers and makes available new purchasing options. While users can still purchase individually games and download them immediately, regular users now have the option to purchase a membership in which they receive a number of "tokens" that can be used on any of the games available through the network. Members receive a 30% discount on the games available on the network.

Stardock has made available a significant number of well received independent games and is currently in talks with major publishers to make their existing game libraries available through

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