Ubisoft getting rid of Rainbow Six Siege's automatic toxic language bans

Today, Ubisoft announced that the system it uses to detect inappropriate language in Rainbow Six Siege will be replaced with a simpler chat filter system soon. The game currently employs an automatic process that bans players for using any toxic language in the chat, which starts at a 30-minute ban and increases in severity if the player keeps offending.

Ubisoft says the change comes after it found the system to be "intrusive to the gameplay of other players not engaging in the inappropriate activity," even though it did manage to reduce toxic behavior.

The new chat filter system behaves similarly to other popular games, where the offending message is not sent out to other players but is blocked. The player will then receive a private message from the server saying the following:

The following message was not sent and will be reviewed for inappropriate conduct:*word used*

Ubisoft says that it hopes this more transparent system will "encourage players to be vigilant with the language they are using." However, toxic Rainbow Six Siege players won't be going scot-free just because their chat was filtered, as it seems Ubisoft will be manually looking into the chatlogs of offenders to hand out temporary and permanent bans.

The update carrying the new chat filter system is slated to drop sometime later today.

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