Ultimate Baseball Online to remain free to play

I figured since it is going to be a slower newsday than it has been lately, what with me spamming gaming news the past couple of weeks or so, that I would post about lesser known games a little more. So with that, I'd like to bring your attention to Ultimate Baseball Online. UBO is a massively multiplayer baseball game, MMOB? And up until this week was free to play (and was in beta for decades) with a fairly small userbase. Then all of a sudden word came along that the developers of UBO this week would begin charging a fee for the game (wow imagine that) with the free option going bye bye.
Well all that changed and Netamin the developers of UBO have decided to stay with a free to play game, no subscription at all now. The game will be supported by in game advertisements (product billboards like in real Baseball) and other ad revenue now. So go forth my Baseball minions, check out the UBO website and go play online with people. Just think, you won't have to worry about beer drinking losers and tailgaters!
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