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Mass Effect coming to PC in 2007?

Kotaku has the scoop that a UK gaming magazine, PC Gamer UK to be exact, has word that Bioware's next big game Mass Effect which up until now has been an Xbox 360 exclusive - will supposedly debut on the Games for Windows platform in 2007 now. Here is what PC Gamer UK had to say:
Mass Effect will come to PC (it's currently only announced for Xbox 360): it's not been officially confirmed but we have it on good authority. It's been three years since a BioWare developed game hit the PC: Mass Effect is a forceful reminder of why that's too damn long.
Of course this is by no means a confirmation of the deal here, but Bioware has made some awesome games in the past for consoles and then released them on PC. It makes perfect sense to release a huge, huge game like Mass Effect on the PC as well. Here's hoping.
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