Undertale heads to Xbox consoles and straight to Game Pass tomorrow

A screenshot of Undertale on an Xbox console

Undertale, the critically-acclaimed and well-known RPG from independent developer Toby Fox, is coming to Xbox consoles tomorrow, March 16. Xbox consoles are the last major platforms the game has yet to release on, after it debuted on PC in 2015, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2017, and the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

If you're somehow not familiar with it, Undertale is a role-playing game, but in each battle, the player is given the choice of either killing the enemy or sparing them after lowering their health levels. The story and dialogue of the characters in the game change based on the path of action chosen by the players, meaning there are multiple endings to the game. In fact, the dialogue even changes in subsequent playthroughs based on the actions taken in the previous ones, adding more replayability.

The Xbox release of the game will include "a shrine" of exclusive content, and the game is heading straight into the Game Pass service, so if you recently subscribed to get your Bethesda fill, you can play Undertale at no additional cost. You may remember that the title was already added to Game Pass a couple of years ago, but that was only for the PC version of the service. It looks like the game won't be available via cloud streaming, though.

Should you choose to buy the game on its own, it will cost $14.99, and it doesn't support Xbox Play Anywhere, so it won't sync with the PC version of the game on the Microsoft Store.

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