United Admins to continue work on CDeath

United Admins ("UA") has acquired the client and server popular anti-cheat solution known as Cheating-Death. CDeath himself, wishing to pass on the development of his program, approached UA, which gladly accepted.

"This couldn't have come at a better time for UA." said Nick "HoundDawg" Slevkoff, UA Chairman. " Since HLGuard has already pushed the limits as a server-side only anti-cheat, we were planning on extending HLGuard to the client-side. Now, with Cheating-Death, this can now be achieved a lot quicker with the reduction of duplicated development efforts just to reach where Cheating-Death is today."

UA's HLGuard Project Team will assume control over the Cheating-Death project as well. They will have access to the source soon and begin designing the future of these solutions into a solid anti-cheat solution for game server Admins. UA will continue to provide HLGuard as a server-side only anti-cheat solution.

Nick continues, "It's amazing to see how two, once competing projects (Cheating-Death and CSGuard) can eventually come together and provide a more complete anti-cheat solution."

UA plans on working with MOD developers to integrate the new anti-cheat solution with their MOD which will help maximize it's distribution and effectiveness.

News source: CS.Jolt

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