Universal Viewer 2.0.0

Universal Viewer is a lightweight and versatile file viewer that can open virtually any file format including PDFs, Fonts, Flash Video, SWF animations, Microsoft Office formats, Images, Music and Video Files. Supported view modes and corresponding file formats are:

* Text/Binary/Hex/Unicode: all files (unlimited size)
* RTF: RTF/ UTF-8 encoded files
* Images: BMP/ JPG/ ICO/ GIF/ PNG/ WMF/ TGA/ TIFF/ PCX/ PSD/ etc
* Multimedia: all file types supported by MS Windows Media Player (AVI/ MPG/ WMV/ MP3/ etc)
* Internet/Office: all file types supported by MS Internet Explorer (HTML/ XML/ DOC/ XLS/ etc)
* Plugins: all formats supported by Total Commander Lister plugins.

The Viewer is fully Unicodecompatible and can be integrated intoWindows Explorer's context menu,so there is no problem to call it fromanywhere in Explorer: right-clickon a file and select "UniversalViewer" item. It can also be integratedinto file managers that canpass to Viewer filenames via thecommand-line: in this case filenameshould be passed as first optionalcommand parameter (don't forget todouble-quote name containing spaces).

What's new in version 2.0.0:

* Changed: Now there are two UV versions: Free and Pro. See the help file ("Help -- Contents" command) for the differences list.
* Added: Option "Show navigation panel" (F4), Pro version only. It allows to have Explorer-like browser at the left and to open files directly from within UV window. Note that UV will load faster when navigation panel is off.
* Changed: Various histories are now saved in the separate ini file: ViewerHistory.ini (located in the same folder as Viewer.ini). These are: window size and position, recent files list, search history. You can open this file using command "Options -- Advanced -- Manually edit history file".
* Added: Help in CHM format
* Added: Commands "File -- Rename", "File -- Copy to folder", "File -- Move to folder"
* Added: Option "Advanced -- Media -- Auto-start media playback"
* Added: Option "Advanced -- Media -- Play count"
* Added: Command "Help -- Web links -- Download plugins"
* Added: Command "View -- Multimedia -- Play/Pause"
* Added: Commands "View -- Multimedia -- Volume -- Up / Down / Mute". Volume value and mute state are saved and restored on program restart.
* Added: Warning when Explorer integration option cannot be applied under Vista
* Added: Text mode: Auto-scroll when mouse is lefter/righter than text area
* Added: Text mode: Shift + Mouse Wheel scrolls horizontally, like TC Lister
* Added: Text mode: Ctrl + Mouse Wheel changes font size
* Added: Image mode: Ctrl + Mouse Wheel changes image scale
* Fixed: Statusbar was shown in Full Screen state

Download: Universal Viewer 2.0.0 freeware
Download: Universal Viewer 2.0.0 (portable)
Screenshot: 1 2 3
View: Free vs. Pro version
Link: Home Page

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