Verizon expands its spam call filtering app's capabilities with iOS 14

Verizon's existing spam call filtering service Call Filter, which has been available to customers for quite some time now for $2.99 per month, added a free version last year. Today, both free and paid tiers of the service are introducing a new capability that's available on iOS 14.

The carrier has partnered with Apple to incorporate call filtering into iOS 14 with an additional feature that will allow customers to avoid receiving unwanted calls (via AppleInsider). The new capability is called "Silence Junk Callers", meant to detect spam calls and send these to voicemail without ringing your device. This will be in addition to the existing features of Verizon's Call Filter app such as spam detection, filter, and personal block list, among others (the free tier includes only spam detection and filter).

It is, perhaps, worth noting that iOS 13 already provides the same feature designed to silence unknown callers. Verizon's addition to the mix bolsters the feature's spam detection capability.

If you're subscribed to the Call Filter Plus version and an iOS 14 beta tester, you now have access to that feature. However, it won't be available on the free version of the service until the public release of iOS 14 this fall.

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