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Microsoft Flight Simulator gets Partnership Series teaser, new beta invites, and more

Last week, Microsoft granted early access to the closed beta for all participants of its upcoming Flight Simulator title's Alpha program. With the latest development update, Microsoft has confirmed that final preparations for the closed beta release next week are in progress.

With this stage set to officially begin on July 30, full release notes will be provided once the build has been released. New invites for the aforementioned are being sent out starting today, and those who receive one between today and July 30 will be provided access to the closed beta preview build as well.

Aside from the usual preview build news that has become customary in the past few months, other Microsoft Flight Simulator deliverables have also been expanded upon this week. For starters, a teaser for Microsoft's collaboration with International Online Flying Network VATSIM, as part of the Partnership Series, has been released. The thirty-second video accompanying this announcement can be viewed below.

Presumably, more details will become known regarding this partnership in the following weeks. Moving on, the latest iteration of the Feedback Snapshot has also been released, though it is currently only available in the Insider Area. This might come as a surprise to some, since the previous iteration - v5.01 - has not been made publicly available yet. Past release patterns have indicated that one Snapshot is generally pushed through both the preview and the public phase before the next one makes its way to insiders.

That is all for this week's development news for the upcoming title. This time next week, we should be covering the anticipated closed beta release - barring any unforeseen delays.

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