Verizon FiOS teases their own June 18th reveal

What in the wide, wide world of sports is the deal with June 18th? We have already reported that Microsoft plans to hold some kind of special event in Los Angeles on that day, and Nokia has been teasing us with their own reveal on Monday (which looks like it will have nothing to do with Microsoft's announcement). Now it looks like Verizon's FiOS is going to have its own event.

In a new YouTube teaser trailer, shown above, power is shut down across the city before something else turns back on. Verizon assures us that the Internet is going to "change forever" starting on Monday.

Verizon has already confirmed that it will give its FiOS customers a speed boost up to 300 Mbps for downloads sometime later in June. It's likely that this June 18th announcement will be the official rollout of this upgrade. A leaked list of price points for the new FiOS plans has already made its way to the Internet.

So there you have it: Microsoft, Nokia and Verizon are all giving us a heads-up to their big announcements on Monday. Oh, and then there's that "future of Windows Phone event" in San Fransisco on Wednesday and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III in the US that same week. It's definitely going to be a busy tech news cycle next week.

Via: The Verge
Source: Verizon YouTube video

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