Verizon promotes Windows Phone 8 in new TV ads

Microsoft has already started its Windows Phone 8 TV ads, which feature celebrities such as Jessica Alba. AT&T is promoting the Windows Phone 8-based Nokia Lumia 920 with actor Will Arnett. Now Verizon Wireless is starting its own push foe its Windows Phone 8 devices.

Unlike Microsoft and AT&T, Verizon is not using celebrities to promote its phones. Instead, Verizon is concentrating on features. In the clip above for the Nokia Lumia 822, Verizon tries to show that using the smartphone is easy and lacks much of a learning curve.

The commercial also shows the tie to Windows 8, as an Office document in Windows Phone 8 can also be seen in the PC version, presumably with Office 2013's SkyDrive integration.

In the TV ad to promote the Verizon version of the HTC Windows Phone 8X, the focus is on the Live Tiles feature of Microsoft's OS. Verizon starts the ad with lots of confusing user interfaces for things such as alarms and microwave ovens and even for things like all those remote controls that we have for the TV and other devices.

Overall, the Windows Phone 8 TV ads from Verizon do a good job of putting features first, but the celebrity ads from Microsoft, and especially from AT&T, are a lot more fun to watch and, as a result, are more memorable.

Source: Verizon on YouTube

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