WinAce 2.11 url leaked to Neowin

Someone messaged me yesterday with an url to WinAce 2.1, I don't remember who it was LOL sorry, but I thought, Hell I'll post anyway. WinAce is one of the more popular choices for compression these days, its compression ability matches no other, This version adds Windows XP support for Visual Styles (buttons etc, etc) and an array of new features, here are just some of them.

  • Added an addtional column for the CRC checksum.

  • The layout of the options has been revised. WinAce can now be switched to an Windows XP look (optional).

  • Sfx archives can be reverted to simple archives now.

  • A switch has been added to the progress window when using WinAce from the context menu (without actually launching WinAce), allowing to close the window automatically after the archive has been processed.

  • Added "Create Sfx" to the tab for the default compression settings.

  • The font used in WinAce can now be set in the options.

  • When accessing an ACE archive, the AV status will be displayed (can be disabled in the options).
WinAce is still listed as v2.04 at the WinAce official website, from past experience, we can expect a long wait before its updated.

View: WinAce website

Download: WinAce 2.11 Shareware (2.57mb)

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