Windows 10 is now luring in people to earn rewards just by using the Edge browser

Back in August, it was discovered that if a Windows 10 user was accessing the internet through browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, the system would display a pop-up message in the taskbar, stating that Edge drains the battery slower than the other two browsers. This was accompanied by an invitation to use Microsoft's in-house browser instead.

Today, the company continues its journey to woo users into using its browser by using the same old tricks. This time around, it doesn't make any attacks against the rival browser. It is now trying to lure in users by telling them that they can get freebies just by using Microsoft Edge.

via Brad Chacos

The promotion is a part of Microsoft Rewards, which was a rebranding of Bing Rewards back in August. One of the new endorsements now includes rewarding the user every time they use Microsoft Edge.

According to PCWorld, Microsoft is still taking the time to display the ad even after users have disabled such notifications. The promotion reportedly only appears if a user does not use Edge frequently enough.

Clearly, it is not merely a promotion, but it is a move to get more people to use Microsoft Edge. Given that the latest web browser usage statistics have not been in favor of the new web browser, it might not be far for Microsoft to push out more nagging ads into people's computers in the future.

Source: PCWorld

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