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Windows 10: Search functionality updated in upcoming builds

Current search experience in build 9926 that is changing

Microsoft is constantly tweaking the user interface in Windows 10 to make sure the experience is cohesive and that trend will continue with future builds of Windows 10. One area that will be updated in an upcoming build is how searching works inside the OS and the use of Cortana.

In the current builds, when you search, there is a pop-up window that overlays the desktop and the Start menu that results in the ugly experience that you see at the top of this post. Now that the new Start menu has been deployed to Windows 10 - this version of the menu is written in XAML whereas the previous Start menu in Windows 10 builds was written with Direct UI - search will be integrated into the menu rather than being a standalone feature.

According to our sources who have used the builds, searching will now be done inside the Start menu and do away with the overlay that currently exists in build 9926. This change makes the Start menu the functional area for searching and could be part of Cortana as well. Seeing as search is now inside the Start Window, it would makes sense that Cortana would migrate this way too.

The next obvious question is when will this feature show up in the Insider preview builds. While we do not have an exact answer on this, it does not look like it will be in the next version that may be released this week. Microsoft hasn't officially said when the build will come out, so don't put all your eggs in that basket, but the signs are starting to show up that a release is right around the corner.

Granted, this change for searching isn't the biggest feature overhauled with Windows 10 but it does show how the user interface is evolving from a bunch of features into a package of updates that helps differentiate Windows 10 from prior versions of the OS.

And one last thing, the ugly recycle bin icon that many have been freaking out about has already been changed too.

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