Windows 10 Xbox app to start receiving monthly updates, new features soon

One of the new features coming with Windows 10 is the Xbox app and the integration between the desktop and console operating systems. We got our first look at the app in the new latest version of the OS but Microsoft is already teasing numerous upcoming updates.

The Xbox app on Windows 10 is fairly bare bones right now, being a sort of Smartglass replacement rather than something wholly new. But things are about to change according to folks from the company.

Members of the Xbox team have started hinting at an upcoming update for the app which will bring additional features, as well as a regular monthly update schedule going forward.

Microsoft promised a real focus on gaming with its new operating system and the Xbox app on desktop, alongside DirectX 12, are two parts of that effort. Having monthly updates for the Xbox app itself brings it much more in line with the update schedule for the Xbox One, and no doubt we’ll see features released simultaneously for both platforms.

A regular update schedule also signals Microsoft’s accelerated release cadence for new preview builds of Windows 10. We’ve touched on this before, as the company is expected to release more and more polished builds as we get closer to the launch window of the OS, and as more and more pieces come together.

As for when will the changes start showing up? Unfortunately we don’t have anything more specific than “soon”. But Microsoft is expected to release a new preview build in the near future as well as the first preview of its mobile OS destined for phones and small tablets and will all of that February looks to be very exciting.

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