Windows 7 continues to erode Windows XP marketshare

It should not come as a major surprise, but Windows XP usage has dropped yet again. The aging platform shed 2.4% of its marketshare in December which continues the decline of the once popular and rock solid OS, according to PCworld.

With little surprise, Windows 7 is the new platform of choice for those who are finally dumping the decade old OS.  Windows XP share is now down to 46.5% and Windows 7 marketshare is up to 37%, a trend that is likely to continue.

The switch from XP to Windows 7 is a good sign for Microsoft who has urged individuals and corporations to dump the aging OS in favor of Windows 7 that contains not only productivity enhancements, but also security updates.

Corporations are likely the remaining bulk users of Windows XP, with Windows 7 slowly being adopted across the corporate environment, the usage of XP will dwindle while Windows 7 will rise; just in time for Windows 8 to land on store shelves.

Windows 7, by all means, appears to be the next OS of choice that will stick around for a decade or more. It is likely in nearly ten years from now we will be talking about how corporations are finally shifting from Windows 7 to Windows 9, or possibly 10.

To see the complete overview of Operating System marketshare according to Netmarketshare, click here.

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