Windows 8 compatibility artwork spotted

Knowing the software you are about to purchase is compatible with Windows 8 will soon be on the forefront of discussion as you want to make sure your latest software investments will work with Microsoft's upcoming OS. If you are wondering if the leaked compatibility images from a few months back were legit, it would appear so as TeamViewer is now using the logo on their site.

The image was spotted by a forum user on Winunleaked and you can view it yourself by visiting the source link below. Although the image on the site does look a bit out of place, we fully expect to see this certification popping up with other vendors in the very near future. While the logo has not 100% been confirmed by Microsoft, it does appear that this will be the final logo for the platform.

Windows 8 wil hit retail availability on October 26th. 

Source: Winunleaked

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