Windows 8 Consumer Preview press event videos online

Unless you were living under a rock on Wednesday, you likely know that Microsoft held a press event that day in Barcelona, Spain to help launch the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8. Microsoft, for some reason, decided not to webcast the event but now you can download the entire 90 minute video presentation via Microsoft's news site.

The video shows Microsoft Windows head man Steven Sinofsky, as well as others, on stage showing off a number of the features in the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8, some of which were demoed on a massive 82 inch touch screen. Microsoft also has broken up the video into a few parts for those of you who don't want to download the entire presentation.

Microsoft has also posted up a few YouTube videos to help promote the Windows 8 Consumer Preview launch. One is a short video introducing Windows 8 but there's also a longer video that goes into more detail on the many features of the Consumer Preview, which you can check out above. Finally, there's a YouTube video that spotlights the Metro app winners of the Windows Store First App contest, all of which can be downloaded for free from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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