Windows 8 prototype app used to control police car

Being a police officer is a serious and tough job. They have to deal with a lot of different people every day, many of whom are not happy to see them. Now a company called Modularis is working on a software project that uses both Windows Azure and Windows 8 from Microsoft to help the police out, at least in terms of their police car.

GeekWire reports that during a recent visit to Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington, they got a demonstration of Modularis' product. The in-car system allows officers to speak commands into a device. Voice recognition software is used to accomplish things such as turning on the lights and siren in the car or opening a rear door.

What's even cooler is the prototype Windows 8 app that was shown on a touch screen tablet. The app, which is used in combination with Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud service, can be used to monitor a number of police cars on one app. It can also be used as another remote control to turn on lights and open doors by just touching the app's UI.

While the Windows 8 app can't actually drive the police car remotely, you can bet that's something that Modularis is thinking about for future versions of the software.

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