Windows 8 touch keyboard gets updated in pre-beta build

While we are still at least a few months away from then next major public release of Windows 8, new shots of the touch keyboard have been leaked. The latest leak comes from and shows a couple new options for the keyboard that are not currently available on the developers preview. 

The one new feature besides a slight design tweak is that you can now enlarge the keyboard. This minor update will make it easier for those who are not used to a software style keyboard to better adapt to the new interface.

Current WDP Layout

Updated Keyboard

Is this a major update, certainly not, but it does show that Microsoft is considering usability with all aspects of Windows 8. 

Microsoft is currently scheduled to release the Windows 8 beta in late February. At the current time, speculation has included a showing of Windows 8 at CES but what all that might entail, if it is even shown, is not currently known. 

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