Windows Phone 7.8 update release imminent?

The first sign of Windows Phone 7.8, back in June

Windows Phone 8 might be off to a decent start but there are still quite a few Windows Phone 7.5 users out there who are anxiously waiting for their 7.8 update.

Microsoft first announced this update last summer trying to make up for the fact that older devices would not be upgradable to the new WP 8 OS. The 7.8 upgrade brings a few new features most important of which is the new start screen with resizable tiles.

After being silent for many months, Microsoft finally announced late last year that the 7.8 update would hit markets in early 2013, and some suggest it might be sooner than you think.

As of now, the only indication for that is the fact that there are some Nokia apps which require the 7.8 update. This is the case with both Ringtone Maker and Bluetooth Share. These apps were created by Nokia to bring some extra functionality to WP 7.5 users. However Ringtone Maker has always demanded version 7.8 ever since it launched in mid-December.

Bluetooth Share on the other hand was working perfectly until it received a pretty major update in the last couple of days. The update bumps its version number from 1.0 to and it now prompts users to update their devices to Windows Phone 7.8 via Zune.

The major increase in version numbers as well as the timing of this update has led some to speculate that the release of Windows Phone 7.8 might be imminent and Nokia is simply getting their apps ready for it. While that is indeed a real possibility, it’s one we don’t find very likely. Another explanation for the app error might simply be that the wrong update was submitted to the Store.

In either case we’ll keep you folks updated in case the story develops further.

Source: WPCentral

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