Windows Phone 8.1 has a few hidden USB settings

The developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 was released last week but it seems there are still some secrets that can be found while using Microsoft's latest mobile OS. One interesting feature has now been discovered that gives users two new notifications when using a device's USB port.

As first reported by WPCentral, people can use Bing or the Cortana digital assistant to find the USB settings. They can type in "USB", then swipe on the screen to 'phone" and finally tap "USB" in the Settings menu to find the two notification that can be enabled.

One of the settings gives users a heads up before using the USB port to make a data connection if it is enabled. The other setting offers an alert if a smartphone is hooked up to a slower charger than normal.

The big question is why were these two USB settings hidden in the first place and not disclosed by Microsoft ahead of time. It's possible that they were not quite ready for prime time yet and that there might still be some bugs that are associated with enabling them in the setting menu. So, while it's cool that these features are available, Windows Phone 8.1 users might want to hold off on activating them until Microsoft gives the official go ahead.

Source: WPCentral

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