Windows RT to get a Blue update as well

If you were away from the Internet yesterday, you probably missed the fact that a build of Windows Blue, 9364, has leaked. To get yourself caught up on everything that you missed, you can check out all our coverage here.

Seeing that the build is now in the hands of thousands, we fully expect every feature to be outed and all of the hidden gems to be uncovered as individuals dig deeper into the build. One such individual, Stephen Chapman, has done just that and discovered, as previously expected, that "Blue" is not limited to Windows 8.

Noted deep in the heart of the leaked build are references to other version of Windows Blue, including one for Windows RT. This should not be a major surprise as it would be foolish for Microsoft to update Windows 8 with new features but leave Windows RT out of the update cycle.

In addition to Windows RT, the leaked version of Windows Blue indicates that Windows Server will get the Blue update as well.

While the exact details of the updates for Server are still a mystery, it would seem highly likely that the changes and new features coming to Windows RT will mirror those seen in the Windows 8 version of Blue.

Source: MSFTKitchen

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