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World's first GPU history museum set up by COLORFUL and Nvidia

COLORFUL in partnership with Nvidia has opened today the World's first GPU history museum. The AIB says that it recently relocated to Shenzhen New Generation Industrial Park where it has opened this new first-of-its-kind museum to showcase the history and evolution of graphics cards and the underlying GPU technologies.

GPU history museum interior

From the image above we get a glimpse of how the interior of the museum has been set up. The museum seemingly highlights all the significant graphics card launches sorted on a yearly basis. In fact, COLORFUL says that it goes all the way back to the historic 3Dfx's Voodoo cards.

The museum obviously showcases the evolution of GeForce graphics cards but also doesn't exclude rival AMD's. For example, there is a large collection of rare GPU models here and among these is AMD's (formerly ATI) Rage Fury MAXX which was the company's first dual GPU solution that packed a pair of Rage 128 PRO chips.

The museum also pays a sort of homage to COLORFUL's own efforts to promote eSports in China when it launched the iGame brand back in 2008. This was a time of the Nvidia Tesla architecture-based 200 series GPUs (not to be confused with Nvidia's Tesla workstation graphics lineup) and AMD's highly praised HD 4000 series.

However, everything here isn't based on the old stuff as there is also a part of the museum which has been dedicated towards high-end gaming using the latest and greatest available hardware. There are two kinds of gaming booths here. The first being a multi-display 8K racing setup and the second a VR cockpit for gamers interested in trying out virtual reality.

With GPUs being so rare nowadays the idea of opening a history museum for it sounds like a good one as soon it seems we may only be able to find graphics cards in museums like this.

via VideoCardz

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