Xbox One distributor reports losses as sales fail to pick up in China

Foreign companies were banned from selling their consoles in China for nearly 14 years, but the country finally allowed Microsoft to do so last year. The company was given clearance to sell 5 million units of the Xbox One in China which were made available towards the end of 2014. However it seems that the Xbox One isn't doing very well in China: The company that Microsoft partnered with to sell the console has reported losses due to the deal.

In October, Microsoft announced that it had sold 100,000 units at launch, which remain the only sales numbers coming out from the company for the China market. Now, BesTV, the Chinese company that was responsible for distributing the Xbox One console, has reported a loss of nearly $2.75 million with its Xbox One division.

Without any real numbers it's not possible to judge how bad the sales have been but it was always going to be a tough task to sell a console in the highly regulated Chinese market, where games cannot contain violence, offensive language and other mature content.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 is still waiting to get an approval to be sold in the country but will definitely suffer the same problems on the games availability front if ever it gets clearance.

Source: TechWeb via Tech In Asia

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