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Yes, you really can play PS4 games inside the Xbox One's dashboard

You may remember a couple of months ago that Microsoft claimed that people could connect a PlayStation 4 to an Xbox One's HDMI In port and, as a result, play games from Sony's console inside Microsoft's machine. Now that the Xbox One review embargo has lifted, there are a few videos that are popping up on the Internet that show this rather cool feature of the Xbox One in motion.

One of the videos comes from the Tetra Ninja YouTube channel, which shows the PS4's main interface running inside the Xbox One's dashboard. The video then shows how the Xbox One handles when the PS4 is actually playing a game, in this case the sci-fi shooter "Killzone Shadow Fall."

The video shows several minutes of gameplay filmed while it was shown in the Xbox One's UI. On the whole it looks better than imagined; there's little in the way of visible lag or latency and even the narrator says it is not unplayable. However, he does say that playing "Killzone Shadow Fall" inside the Xbox One is not as smooth compared to playing the game hooked up directly to a TV.

The HDMI In feature could also be used for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U consoles, or indeed any device that has an HDMI connection. However, this is more of a nice parlor trick than anything else. Even Microsoft has said that the latency issues will not give console owners a good gaming experience.

Source: Tetra Ninja on YouTube

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