You can pre-order an HTC Vive VR headset starting this February

HTC’s upcoming Vive virtual reality headset just got a bit more real, as the company has announced a start date for pre-orders, coming at the end of next month.

HTC’s Vive Pre headset, which was developed in partnership with Valve, allows users to experience virtual reality games and scenarios. The device has been a long time in the making, with its latest iteration being recently shown off at CES in Las Vegas. The newest model has been significantly redesigned to allow for more comfortable wearing and the addition of a front-facing camera that allows the user to actually see the surroundings while wearing it.

HTC has now confirmed to The Telegraph that the Vive headset will be available for pre-order starting February 29th, with the first shipments going on sometime in April. There’s still no info on the device’s price, though many are now expecting it to bear a similar price tag to the recently released Oculus Rift, that comes in at $599. That being said, there’s also another barrier to entry in the world of VR as adopters will need powerful PCs and graphics cards to take advantage of the new headsets.

Though users may hope for price reductions in the coming months there’s quite a low chance of that happening, as companies are looking to develop a unified market that developers can target easily. Until more competition and lower component costs come into play, there’s little hope for significant discounts.

As for HTC’s device, we’re bound to learn more about the Vive itself as well as its price and the company’s launch plans as we get nearer to the end of February, so make sure to check back in the meantime.

Source: The Telegraph

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