Zune Online as a Social Networking Site

Channel 10 has posted a short 5 minute video interview with one of the member's of the Zune Team, detailing what exactly Robbie Bach was talking about during the Bill Gates keynote when he announced the Zune launch in Canada in Spring 2008. The Canadian offering this spring will first include Zune players (including Zune Originals), Zune software and Zune Social, with the Zune Marketplace online store coming later this year. In the clip, Channel 10's Laura Foy finds out about the new features on Zune marketplace and how much emphasis is being placed on perfecting Zune Online as a social networking site.

Video: iPod | MP3 | MP4 | WMA | WMV | WMV (High) | Zune
View: Zune Social at CES 2008 (Silverlight Required)

I also find it interesting how all in-browser Channel 10 videos are now only available if you have Silverlight installed. Looks like my question has been partially answered.

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