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Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a professional photo editing tool with all the power you’ll ever need. Live retouch tools work in real time and its speed means there’s no waiting to see your results. Non-destructive editing, raw processing and end-to-end color management are standard, so Affinity Photo has all the features required to make beautiful photographs spring to life.

Affinity Photo comes with a huge range of high-end filters including lighting, blurs, distortions, tilt-shift, shadows, glows and many more. Correct and enhance images with Levels, Curves, Black and White, White Balance, HSL, Shadows and Highlights and over a dozen other adjustments that are previewed instantly and can be edited any time.

Other features include raw image processing, PSD import and export, colour management, accurate adjustments, high-end controls for channels and masks, advanced layer handling, batch processing, focus stacking, and much more.

The changes in Affinity Photo for Windows 1.7.2 (over the last release Affinity Photo 1.7.1) are as follows:

New Features and Improvements

  • Tweaks to Crop tool. 'Absolute Size' has been renamed to 'Resample', and the 'Unconstrained' units defaults to the document units, as well as allowing the user to change the units for the crop creation.
  • Added more lens correction data.
  • Added TGA export support
  • Improved Photoshop plugin support (more to come in the future).
  • Re-added support for CRW metadata
  • Improved font matching of unknown fonts when importing PDF
  • Allow .icm profiles, as well as *.icc
  • Enabled import of ICC profiles when there is no document
  • Improved performance of adjusting sliders in Develop Persona
  • Added Remove White Matte and Remove Black Matte to the Filters menu
  • Added an option to use the version 1.6 shadows/highlights filter
  • Improved performance of editing live filters
  • Simplified crop tool drag-to-crop behaviour
  • Improved Healing brush.
  • Changed selection refinement to be the same as in version 1.6.
  • Added Select menu to Export Persona.
  • Added JXR file associations.


  • Fixed Develop White Balance with linear profiles
  • Fixed rasterising groups with live filters inside
  • Fixed flood select to work on placed images
  • Fixed import of ABR brush files to skip any corrupt brushes
  • Fixed text in shapes ignoring bounds when exporting selection
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of text when exporting a PDF with embedded PSD
  • Fixed PDF export of non-breaking hyphens
  • Changed selection of first letter in bulleted list to not include the bullet
  • Fixed failure to apply 'liga' near end of line
  • Fixed text justification failing to split ligatures
  • Fixed PDF export of text with ligatures to embed the font (as many browsers don't support ligatures unless the font is embedded)
  • Fixed bullet and number lists not allowing single characters
  • Fixed export settings not getting saved
  • Fixed occasional crash when printing
  • Fixed soft hyphen in a word prevents it from being added to the spelling dictionary
  • Fixed DNG imports with severe chromatic aberration
  • Changed PSD import of background layers to correctly render blend modes
  • Fixed sporadic crash in Batch processing
  • Fixed rendering issues with Live Filters
  • Fixed possibility of Develop Crop resulting in non-whole pixels
  • Fixed certain CMYK JPEG opening at 72 DPI
  • Fixed Drag and Drop of a file twice causing the file to remain locked
  • Restored TIFF 'fff' support
  • Fixed crashes when attempting to load truncated files
  • Fixed failure to connect to Unsplash on Windows 7 and 8.1
  • Fixed Resize Document
  • Prevent macros from recording Tone Mapping or Develop
  • Cancelling the Crop Tool remembers the initial "drag to crop" state
  • Fixed crash with Clone Brush (current layer and below)
  • Fixed Image not clipping correctly when Reveal is enabled
  • Fixed Lightroom data being stripped from Capture One XMP output
  • Fixed saving a Jpeg replacing the Subject field EXIF Property with the Title
  • Fixed EXIF Color Space property not matching new ICC Profile when exporting
  • Fixed 32-bit images (and RAWs in Develop) appearing darker for people with HDR monitors
  • Fixed Procedural Texture Up/Down onscreen modifier arrows next to the value field do not apply the value
  • Fixed changing DPI using Anchor to Page resizes document
  • Fixed pressing Esc during a colour pick operation hides the cursor over menu items
  • Fixed Effects panel negatively affecting performance
  • Fixed wrong document dimensions when switching document units
  • Fixed 360 images losing their 360 functionality after being exported.
  • Fixed crash when installing a new font.
  • Fixed new fonts failing to appear when several thousand fonts have been installed.
  • Fixed yellow colour cast opening some DNGs, such as converted Canon EOS 6D CR2 files.
  • Fixed hang when pressing ESC to cancel Navigator panel Movement.
  • Fixed Styles missing labels when using grid view.
  • Fixed inability to assign Backspace key as a shortcut.
  • Fixed Studio panel group gets disconnected after switching Personas.
  • Fixed import of JXR 16-bit half float documents properly.
  • Fixed Crop tool Reveal.
  • Fixed help errors

Download page: Affinity Photo (10 Days free trial)
View: Affinity Photo Homepage | Screenshot | Release Announcement

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