Dopamine 2.0.1 [Update]


Dopamine is an awesome free audio player which tries to make organizing and listening to music as simple and pretty as possible. Dopamine has been designed for Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10 and plays mp3, ogg vorbis, flac, wma and m4a/aac music formats quite well. The best part? It's created by long-time Neowin member, Raphaël Godart. If you’re looking for a music player to handle a large music collection, you should definitely give Dopamine a try.

Dopamine 2.0 changelog:

  • [Added] Added a setting to remove songs from disk in the Now Playing context menu
  • [Added] Added folder view
  • [Added] Added smart playlists
  • [Added] It is now possible to sort songs by album, even when no album is selected.
  • [Added] The search field can now be activated by pressing CTRL+F
  • [Added] Added sort by “date added” and “date created” in the song screen
  • [Added] It is now possible to drop files on now playing, when no songs are playing.
  • [Added] It is now possible to drop folders on the playlists screen
  • [Added] Added rating and love to the bottom left now playing pane on the main screen
  • [Fixed] Added an extra button to access Now Playing
  • [Added] Added a Japanese translation
  • [Added] Added a Norwegian translation
  • [Changed] Changed the overall design
  • [Changed] Removed song covers in playlists. Loading images in memory causes a huge memory footprint for large playlists.
  • [Changed] Tweaked the now playing screen
  • [Changed] Removed the “Frequent” page
  • [Changed] Updated the Bulgarian translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Simplified) translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Traditional) translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Croatian translation
  • [Changed] Updated the German translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Greek translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Hungarian translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Italian translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Japanese translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Korean translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Polish translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Portugal) translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Russian translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Ukrainian translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Vietnamese translation
  • [Fixed] Multiple memory leaks
  • [Fixed] Lyrics scrolling doesn’t work correctly for lyrics which have no timestamps
  • [Fixed] It is impossible to fetch lyrics from LyricWikia when song artist or title have special casing and special characters
  • [Fixed] The spectrum analyzer causes crashes
  • [Fixed] Artists or genres which are identical, but use a different casing, are shown as multiple artists or genres.
  • [Fixed] Enabling the system notification on Windows 10 N causes a crash
  • [Fixed] Rating songs makes the UI non-responsive
  • [Fixed] Songs which are enqueued from Explorer, are enqueued in the wrong order.
  • [Fixed] It is impossible to delete songs from playlists, for which the song files have been removed from or renamed on disk.
  • [Fixed] Pressing multimedia keys causes glitches when the spectrum analyzer is enabled
  • [Fixed] System notifications causes a crash when playing a song which has a malformed track number
  • [Fixed] Artists and Genres screens don’t show songs for the Cyrillic alphabet
  • [Fixed] Artists info pane displays white stars instead of actual artist pictures
  • [Fixed] Lyrics “Search again” does not work
  • [Fixed] Lowered CPU and memory usage
  • [Fixed] Short sound after starting up
  • [Fixed] Zero-sized images which are embedded in audio files, are mistakenly treated as valid images.
  • [Fixed] Queued songs which are not in the collection (e.g. from playlists), are not resumed after a restart.
  • [Fixed] Playlists containing the same song multiple times, confuses play previous and play next.
  • [Fixed] Incorrect ordering of timed lyrics which contain duplicate timestamps
  • [Fixed] Tray icon is not visible when using light system theme in Windows 10
  • [Fixed] It is not possible to type + and – in the password box
  • [Fixed] Removing all songs from Now Playing causes a crash
  • [Fixed] Discs are ordered wrong when an album has more than 10 discs
  • [Fixed] Pressing the keyboard left arrow doesn’t jump a song back to the beginning when it has been playing for less than 15 seconds
  • [Fixed] Lyrics are not saved to the audio files
  • [Fixed] Lyrics are not displayed the 1st time the lyrics page is shown
  • [Fixed] File size information in the songs lists is rounded down
  • [Fixed] It is not possible to add songs to playlists from the Now Playing screen
  • [Fixed] Playback order is not reset when song order is changed on the songs list and songs are enqueued again
  • [Fixed] Multimedia play and pause keys are not always working
  • [Fixed] External control server fails to retrieve the current track

Changes in Dopamine 2.0.1:

  • [Changed] Reverted some changes to audio decoding. This hopefully removes lag when decoding high bitrate files.
  • [Added] Added support for m3u8 playlists

Download: Dopamine 2.0.1 | 33.4 MB (Open Source)
Download: Portable Dopamine 2.0.1 | 30.2 MB
View: Dopamine Home Page | Forum Discussion | Release Announcement

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