Groupy 1.41 [Update]


Groupy is a powerful organizational tool for Windows that will keep information tabbed and organized. You can drag and drop multiple applications and documents together to group them into a tabbed interface for easy access and reference.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop applications together to group them under a common tabbed interface
  • Organize multiple applications and documents together for convenient access
  • Group related tabs together for optimal workflow
  • Save groups of applications together for future usage
  • Manage tabs in quick and natural ways with the browser-like interface
  • Add new tabs to existing groups quickly and easily
  • Mouseover tabs to preview the window contents
  • Copy files between Explorer tabs. Drag files to the target tab, pause to switch, and then into the target window.
  • Automatically group instances of the same application together

Groupy 1.40 changelog:

  • Fix issue with combine mode tab showing black with a very dark blue accent color
  • Fix for the edge of Excel/Word/Powerpoint etc going slightly off-screen when snapped to the left or right of the screen
  • Fix for higher than expected CPU when Excel is used to hide a worksheet
  • Possible fix for Teams / WhatsApp / other electron apps from being slightly out of alignment with other apps in a tab group
  • Addresses an issue with active tabs when they are not the foreground window using darker Curtains themes having a wrong text color (combine mode)
  • Fixes a Curtains issue to keep dark mode tabs when using a curtains style when in combine mode
  • Fixes themes which use the solid area under text to correctly blank out the area under the tabs and + / ... buttons when in combine mode (the macmono style is one such style)
  • May address legacy Microsoft Office store version where it may not open member apps from a saved group
  • Add tab (+) will now launch a new tab as elevated if the original tab was also elevated.

Changes in v1.41:

  • Should address some languages not being able to create saved groups (Greek for example) or have access to the save text box at all (Chinese being one).

Groupy is only $4.99. For more information about Groupy, please visit

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