Network Forensics ($32 Value) eBook, free to download until Dec 18

Intensively hands-on training for real-world network forensics. Claim your free eBook ($32 Value) today, before the offer expires on Dec 18.

What's it about?

This eBook is hands-on all the way - by dissecting packets, you gain fundamental knowledge that only comes from experience. Real packet captures and log files demonstrate network traffic investigation, and the learn-by-doing approach relates the essential skills that traditional forensics investigators may not have.

Providing an unprecedented level of hands-on training to give investigators the skills they need, this resource will help you:

  • Investigate packet captures to examine network communications
  • Locate host-based artifacts and analyze network logs
  • Understand intrusion detection systems—and let them do the legwork
  • Have the right architecture and systems in place ahead of an incident

Network data is always changing, and is never saved in one place; an investigator must understand how to examine data over time, which involves specialized skills that go above and beyond memory, mobile, or data forensics. Whether you're preparing for a security certification or just seeking deeper training for your role, this eBook is your ticket for success.

How to get this free resource:

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>> Free eBook: Network Forensics ($32 Value)
Offered by Wiley, view their
other free resources. Offer expires on Dec 18.

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