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Updated Device Manager Error Code Guide

Louis Green tells me that his guide has just been updated to include new Error Codes to help users of Windows XP Home and Pro edition. the changes in the guide include:

  • New Codes added (33 to 49)

  • Updated Code Definitions for Windows XP

  • Add a Guide to Using the Device Manager

  • Optimised HTML Code for Guide

  • Easier Navigation

    The Device Manager is a tool in Microsoft Windows for administrating device drivers. These drivers control how the hardware within the computer interactive with the computer's operating system. Whenever there is a problem with a device driver or physical hardware component, this manager will show a code with a little description. But due to the limited nature of this description, this is why this guide has been created. It has a list what the full code means as well as offering a solution to the problem. You can use the Device Manager to view device, change device properties, update device drives, configure driver settings and if necessary uninstall these device drivers. Also by using this guide you should be able to solve any problem with you computer drivers or hardware components. The information in this guide is for:

  • Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition

  • Microsoft Windows 95/95A/95B/95C/98/98 Second Edition

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server / Professional / Server

  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro Edition / Home Edition

    View: Updated Device Manager Error Code Guide

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