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10 Cool Things about Vista you may not have heard of

With the release of MacOS X Leopard, the comparisons between Vista and Leopard are out in force. Windows Vista had a rough start and has taken its share of beatings on-line including here at Neowin.net. But after 9 months of availability, Vista has shaped up nicely and SP1 looks to massauge most of the remaining complaints with Microsoft's new OS.

Moreover, it is often easy to forget just how big of a release Windows Vista really was. While Leopard claims "300 new features" most of those features are minor in nature (Let's face it, MacOS X is so good that it's in the enviable position of only needing to evolve, Windows Vista, by contrast, had to play a lot of catch-up). Windows Vista has closer to 10,000 new features when one adds both major and minor updates to the mix.

WinCustomize has an article outlining 10 examples of minor features that rarely get discussed and yet make a small but noticeable improvement to the Windows experience over Windows XP.

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