2 Hardware Reviews (Graphics & Memory)

With April fools come and gone theres no foolin' the trained eye of the consumer where hardware is concerned. Companies are pressed to make better hardware at lower prices and then websites cast a critical eye on the end result, here are 2 such reviews.

ATI All-In-Wonder VE: The Backwards Card?

It seems that ATI wants to reach some of those "regular" computer users and system designers. Granted most people aren't hardcore gamers, multimedia fanatics, or CG graphical artists; so they don't need the mighty hammer of the R3XX chips to stomp on low fps. System designers [who make computers for regular folks like those of Dell, Gateway, and others] don't need to equip their systems with a cannon when they need a derringer. On top of that many systems are still stuck with the use of older legacy technology.

View: The Review @ explosivelabs.com

Mushkin PC3500 DDR SDRAM

Memory speeds continue to increase as the need for more bandwidth is required for all of today's games and applications. Mushkin not to be left behind has kept pace with the likes of Corsair, Geil and OCZ with their own PC3500 DDR SDRAM. Is the extra cost of Mushkin memory worth it? Read on as Cameron "Sov" Johnson gives us the answer.

View: The Review @ tweaktown.com

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