A look at Windows tablets marketshare ahead of Surface announcements

Tomorrow’s Surface event will, by all indications, be a big deal. Microsoft is expected to unveil a brand new Surface mini as well as new, larger version of the Surface Pro. The new devices are sure to spark interest but we’ll have to wait before we see how well they sell. With that in mind let’s take a look at what the current Windows tablet landscape looks like.

The data comes from AdDuplex, and is collected via 800 Windows Store apps. Of course this skews the results towards the RT/tablet market but this is still enough to give us a glimpse of what the Windows tablet market looks like.

First up, it may come as surprise but the Surface RT is the most popular device to run Windows Store apps, and by a very big margin. Surface 2 comes in second place with 2.2%, while the Pro versions only account for 2% between them. Obviously the “other” slice of the pie is the biggest with over 17,000 other device showing up in the data, but that just proves the versatility of Windows.

Looking only at Microsoft’s devices, we can see the huge lead that Surface RT has over the others despite the fact this tablet came out two years ago. However its marketshare is slowly shrinking and with tomorrows announcements it’s expected to shrink a lot faster.

Looking at the major OEMs, we see a close race between Microsoft and HP as being the dominant manufacturer, at least as far as Windows Store apps are concerned.

We’ll come back and take a look at how this picture has changed after tomorrow’s announcement and subsequent launch of the new devices. In the meantime be sure to stick around as we’ll be at Microsoft’s event bringing you all the juicy news.

Source: AdDuplex | Images via AdDuplex

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