A special edition of the Xiaomi Mi 9 will have 12GB of RAM

As phone makers struggle to meaningfully differentiate their phones in terms of performance in the increasingly saturated and mature smartphone landscape, one aspect of the phone that has been receiving extra attention in the last few months is the amount of onboard memory these nigh pocket computers boast.

Not willing to be outdone by competitors like OnePlus and Lenovo, Xiaomi's CEO today took to Weibo to announce the Mi 9 Transparent Edition. The phone's marquee feature will, of course, be its transparent back that shows off a facsimile of the phone's internals, similar to the Mi 8 Explorer Edition from last year.

Alongside these aesthetic distinctions, the phone will also have a hand up over its regular alternative in the performance department, with as much as 12GB of RAM onboard. The phone's camera will also be slightly different from the Mi 9. While both phones' main cameras will feature a 48MP sensor, the Transparent Edition will sport a 7P lens with an aperture size of f/1.47, compared to a 6P lens with a f/1.75 aperture on the Mi 9. This means the Transparent Edition should be a bit better at capturing low-light images than its sibling owing to the larger aperture on it.

Aside from this, both phones will remain the same. Though, it is interesting to see phone makers clamouring to distinguish their wares from competitors' through any means possible, even if that means including an ungodly amount of memory that almost no one will need.

Source: Lei Jun (Weibo) via XDA Developers

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