Accessory listings on online retailers hint at a Nintendo Switch Mini

It's starting to look more and more like Nintendo is working on a hardware revision for its hybrid console. Past reports have already claimed that the company has begun production on two new models of the Switch, but recently, accessory makers have even begun listing accessories for Nintendo Switch Mini - which, at this point, is not a thing.

The rumor mill spun up last week, when Honson, a Chinese accessory maker e-mailed Twitter user CptnAlex saying that it will be releasing a number of accessories for this mini version of the Switch. The company even has links for said products, though they depict two different looks for the purported hardware. While it's very likely that the renders used in these images do not depict the actual hardware accurately, the listing for a clear protective case does indicate that the company has a good idea of what the console will look like, since it includes cutouts for important parts of the hardware.

If that wasn't enough to get the public wondering, it seems that some online retailers are now putting up listings for upcoming Switch Mini accessories. First, GAME Spain had a number of listings with no image, but with names referencing the console, as reported by While those listings seem to have been taken down, Amazon Germany has put up its own listing for a Switch Mini screen protector, made by a company called KuGi.

This listing uses a render of the current Switch model, so it doesn't tell us what the mini version might look like. However, the number of listings coming out of different places hints strongly at some sort of announcement in the near future. Nothing similar has happened with the other rumored Switch model, so it could be that it's planned for a later release.

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