AdDuplex: Nokia Lumia 520 continues to dominate Windows Phone handset market

There does not appear to be anything that can stop Nokia's Lumia 520 handset. The budget priced smartphone continues to be the number one Windows Phone worldwide, according to the latest numbers from in-app advertising company AdDuplex.

Their latest monthly report, based on collecting data from 2,499 apps running their SDK on December 27th, shows that the Lumia 520 now has a worldwide market share of 30.8 percent among all Windows Phone devices. In November, the data indicated that the 520 claimed 26.5 percent of the share of Windows Phone handsets. When considering just Windows Phone 8 devices, the 520 has a nearly 40 percent share of that market.

In the US, AdDuplex showed that the 520's cousin, the Lumia 521, has secured 30.2 percent of the total Windows Phone market share, compared to just 22.8 percent in November. However, the the Lumia 520 is also gaining a larger audience in the US. AdDuplex says their data shows that it has risen to second place in December to 12.2 percent, compared to fifth place and a share of 7.2 percent in November. The company suggests that the increase for the 520 is due to recent price cuts and holiday sales.

While the low price, and no contract, Nokia Lumia phones have proven to be popular, the high end smartphones like the Lumia 1020 and 1520 are still not in the top 10 in the Windows Phone ecosystem, according to AdDuplex's numbers.

Source: AdDuplex | Image via AdDuplex

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