AdDuplex releases two Universal "AxGarage" apps for Windows 10

AdDuplex is the largest cross-promotion network for Windows Store apps and games. The company aims to empower app developers by advertising their products, helping them reach a larger audience. In order to further expand its program, AdDuplex launched AppRaisin and AppStretch a few months ago.

Now the company is looking to release utility tools for consumers as well, as it has launched two Universal apps for Windows 10.

According to the CEO of AdDuplex Alan Mendelevich, the two apps are in fact part of the tools and utilities that the company uses internally. He says that AdDuplex has now decided to release some of the tools to the "wider audience" as a part of its "AxGarage" initiative. The company will be releasing more tools on the dedicated AxGarage website with the passage of time.

The description of the two tools can be seen below:

Random Tool

Random Tool aims to be your Swiss army knife for all things random. We use it to pick winners for contests we run, to spice up a morning standup meeting by randomizing the order of speaking or to just pick random numbers, throw dice, flip coins or make decisions.

Additionally, Random Tool can speak the results aloud making it even more useful in a group setting.

One tap reminders

All of us need to be reminded about various things and quite often these reminders are pretty standard for our recurring situations: call someone in 5 minutes, pickup pizza in 20 minutes, switch stove off before something is overcooked, etc. One Tap Reminders lets you create reminder presets, [optionally] pin them to your start screen and activate them with just one tap – faster than you can ask Cortana to do it (even provided she hears you on the first try) and definitely faster than fiddling with reminder settings in an app.

Both the ad-supported apps are Universal and are available for Windows 10 PCs and Mobile devices. Mendelevich notes that they should work on HoloLens as well; however, only Random Tool is listed as supporting Windows Holographic in the Windows Store. You can download the utility apps by hitting the download links below.

Download | Random Tool | One tap reminders

Source: AdDuplex

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