AMD prepping its own DirectStorage tech called Smart Access Storage

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Recently Microsoft made its DirectStorage API SDK generally available which means games can now finally begin taking advantage of the new technology and the first performance demo for it has been mighty impressive to say the least.

However, DirectStorage may not be the only cutting edge storage-based technology that's launched in 2022 as a new report by VideoCardz claims that AMD too is working on a new tech called "Smart Access Storage" or SAS for short.

VideoCardz also speculates that Smart Access Storage might just be AMD's implementation of DirectStorage but this is merely a speculation at this point as the two technologies could be completely different. However, the guesstimate may not be too far fetched as AMD does have its way of naming certain technologies something fancy. For example, the company refers to PCIe Resizable BAR support (ReBAR) as Smart Access Memory (SAM).

The new SAS feature is allegedly coming first to the Corsair Voyager gaming notebook, which is apparently Corsair's first gaming laptop. The Voyager is purportedly going to be introduced at the Computex 2022 event and this means AMD may introduce its upcoming Smart Access Storage technology at the Taipei-based event.

The upcoming Corsair Xenomorph, which has been spotted a couple of times so far (via Benchleaks on Twitter), is thought of as the same device as the Voyager and it seems to be sporting an AMD Ryzen 6900HX Rembrandt APU alongside a Radeon RX 6800M.

This all-AMD notebook will likely leverage AMD Advantage which means chances for the purported SAS feature being present on the device are also higher.

Source: VideoCardz

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