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AMD Delivers Sempron Chips

Today AMD unveiled its Sempron processors, which are designed for both notebooks and desktops. The Sempron processors where created for the value-conscious buyers. Who mainly do the very basic computer tasks (e-mail, web browsing, listening to music). If AMDs Sempron proves successful Intel's Celeron processor may have some competition.

An array of low-end processors was unveiled today by AMD Latest News about AMD, designed to power both notebook and desktop machines, with a number of manufacturers already lined up to buy the chips. AMD believes the Sempron collection will meet the needs of value-conscious hardware buyers whose basic computing needs now include downloading and playing music and sending digital photos, in addition to Web surfing, sending e-mail and word processing.

Sempron chips are targeted at both emerging and mature markets, and will be integral components of notebooks in the US$1,000 and under price range, as well as entry-level desktop hardware priced at $549 and below, said Bahr Mahony, a marketing manager at AMD. "There has been significant sales growth for systems at these price points that provide the applications and performance that users want," he told NewsFactor.

News source: NewsFactor

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