America's Army: Operations full install & patch v2.0.0

A bit later than intended, the promised upgrade for America's Army: Operations is now available, bringing the team-based tactical shooter by the U.S. Army to version 2.0. This release adds the new Special Forces character class, new Indigenous Forces, new SF weapons (the SOPMOD M4 carbine, Special Purpose Rifle and Thermite Grenade), new OpFor weapons (Vss Vintorez and AKS-74U), 3D Ironsights, in-game IRC Chat Client, half a dozen SF new maps, and numerous other improvements and fixes. As usual, there is a large patch from the previous v1.9.0 or a massive full install.

News source: 3D Gamers

Download: America's Army: Operations full install v2.0.0 (651Mb)

Download: America's Army: Operations v1.9.0 => v2.0.0 patch (223Mb)

View: Official website

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