Analyst: Apple now has 50 percent of total smartphone earnings

There are a ton of different smartphones available that use Google's Android operating system. But there's just one phone that uses Apple's iOS operating system. That phone is, of course, the iPhone. Now a financial analyst has stated that just with sales of the iPhone Apple has now claimed roughly 50 percent of the total worldwide net sales earnings for smartphones.

According to AppleInsider T. Michael Walkley, an analyst for the firm Canaccord Genuity, also said that sales of the iPhone are stll strong even as many other phone makers have released a number of high end Android-based smartphones with things like bigger screens, 4G connectivity and more. Even with the iPhone now being sold by two wireless carriers here in the US, Walkley states that it is still the best selling smartphone over at AT&T, who had the exclusive on the phone until Verizon started selling its version earlier this year.

The iPhoine is also the highest selling smartphone over at Verizon and Walkley states that continues even as Verizon releases a large number of new and powerful smartphones like the Droid X2, the Thunderbolt, the Incredible 2 and more. He adds, "Further, with Verizon not allowing subsidies to customers that are still under a two-year contract, we anticipate steady upgrades by Verizon customers to the iPhone will continue over the next several quarters." He also predicts that the iPhone will sell a whopping 100 million units in 2012, or about 25 million iPhones sold in just a quarter.

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