Angry gamers are reportedly getting refunds on No Man's Sky, even with 50 hours of playtime

A growing number of users are reporting that they’ve managed to get refunds for their purchase of No Man’s Sky, regardless of the number of hours played. The refunds are reportedly coming from Steam, Amazon, GOG, PSN and Humble Bundle. This comes after a large backlash against the title, viewed by some users to have been pushed with false advertising and empty promises.

No Man’s Sky has been many years in the making and it was recently launched to great fanfare on both the Playstation 4 console and PCs. The title promises an infinite, procedurally-generated universe for users to explore, as well as the ability to have an impact on other people’s journey through the game. The title launched to huge sales and hype, but the game quickly ran out its welcome through a combination of technical issues, overinflated expectations and what some users are calling false advertising.

Now, a vocal number of angry users have been demanding refunds for their purchase of No Man’s Sky and according to posts on Reddit and NeoGAF, various companies have given in. What’s surprising here is not that users are getting their money back, but that they’re doing so regardless of the number of hours played. For example, one NeoGAF poster claims to have received a refund despite playing more than 50 hours of the game. He claims to have requested a refund after complaining multiple times to Sony, regarding numerous technical issues with the title.

Other users are claiming to have received refunds through Steam, once they were insistent enough – again regardless of the number of hours played. Seemingly as a reaction to this trend, No Man’s Sky Steam page was recently updated to unequivocally state that the title falls under Steam’s refund policy: you can ask for your money back within 14 days and only with less than two hours of play time clocked, no exceptions.

Meanwhile Hello Game, the developers behind No Man’s Sky are looking to the future, by putting out a beta patch to address some of the technical issue reported. The studio also recently announced that it was exploring ways to change No Man’s Sky’s experience on the PlayStation 4 Neo.

Source: NeoGAF, Reddit Via: IBTimes

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