Anonymous launches HackerLeaks, a WikiLeaks for...hackers

Hacker collective Anonymous launched two new information sharing sites earlier in the week. Anonymous' blog states that the hive mind, specifically the subgroup known as the People's Liberation Front, wants to gather leaks from outside sources and share them with the world. The first of the two sites, LocalLeaks, follows the same user submission model as Wikileaks. Anonymous user submissions of leaked information are published and spread to media outlets for public consumption. 

The second of the two sites is HackerLeaks, which is exactly what the name implies. The site invites hackers and data thieves to anonymously submit various pieces of leaked data. The site has already received its first submission in the form of personal documents and information on various Orlando, FL officials. However, this leak was actually posted on LocalLeaks. This is in response the recent arrests of Orlando employees of nonprofit organization Food Not Bombs. Commander X, a member of the hacker group, argues that the site is necessary because the connections for distribution are already in place. He maintains the stance that by simply publishing the information they gather they are not violating any laws.

Whether or not you agree with Anon's AntiSec movement, which includes the now defunct LulzSec group, they've gotten the online world's attention. The security groups for the world's major corporations and governments are surely scrambling to beef up digital defenses and clamp down on security policies, lest the next big leak emanate from behind their walls.

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