Anonymous takes credit for CIA web site shutdown

Anonymous is continuing their assault on various web sites across the globe again and their latest target also happens to be one of the most secretive. The YourAnonNews Twitter page posted up a claim that the hacker group has taken down the official web site of the Central Intelligence Agency. Indeed, the URL is currently inaccessible as of the writing of this news post. It's likely that the site was a victim of some kind of denial of service attack.

There was no announced reason for why Anonymous launched this newest cyber attack on a government operated web site. In January, the group briefly attacked a number of web sites in retaliation for the US government's shut down of the Megaupload file trading site. The Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's sites were among the ones that Anonymous targeted for their attacks.

In related news. reports that another group that calls itself Casi claimed that it launched a cyber attack on the United Nations web site. The group also posted up what appear to be some of the web site's vunertable spots on the site. The message states that the hacker or hacker group attacked the UN site to fight "for Internet freedom."

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